Running social events is the raison d'Ítre for IBM Club. Events need to be run in a consistent manner, and accounted for in a rigorous way. Before running any events, all event organisers and club officers should read the Constitution and Operating Guidelines, and be aware of the liability insurance provided by IBM Club.

To help you to comply with operating guidelines and audit requirements use this Event Planner to apply for a budget and track receipts and payments. It includes the process you should follow and record.

Resources for Treasurers

The approved accounting tool for recording bank transactions, performing bank reconciliations, creating budgets and performing year end accounting is the IBM Club Cashbook Spreadsheet. Make sure you check back here at the start of each year and use the latest sheet, this is v3.2. This version runs on Office 365 and Microsoft Office on Windows or Mac, and later versions of Libre Office. Here is a version for those using Open Office. See the instructions in the sheet for further guidance on compatibility. NB: You may need to right click on these links and select Save As for the file to download rather than display.

These year end accounting procedures provide guidance for finalising and submitting your annual accounts. If required in addition to the Cashbook, here are the IBM Club Annual Accounts Summary sheet and the IBM Club Assets Accounting sheet.