IBM provides a grant to support the running of the IBM Club by its volunteer organisers. This is in addition to the subscription paid by employee and some retiree and dependant members. The overall grant is used to fund local employee clubs, retiree clubs, national competitions and club administration. Each club receives a proportion of the total available grant that relates to the number of affiliated employee, retiree and dependant members. The Finance Steering Committee recommend the amounts to the Club Oversight Manager.

Employee members pay an IBM Club subscription deducted from salary, and some retiree and dependant members also pay an equivalent subscription. Employee subscription payments are paid by IBM to the local club with which each member is affiliated. Retiree subscription are paid direct to their club of choice. Some local clubs have special interest subsections, and these may charge a further subscription. See Membership for full details.

Through the effective use of group discounts coupled with the IBM grant and membership subscriptions, IBM Club volunteer organisers work hard to provide members with good value social events.