IBM Club for many decades was a valued employee and retiree benefit, the cost of which was easier to measure than the benefit. The encouragement of social interaction between employees from different business areas, and retirees with a wealth of experience, facilitated serendipitus networking as well as providing recreation and relaxation.

All good things come to an end, but the end of IBM Club in the UK in the historical form is taking longer than anticipated. We are now seeing the majority of local clubs exhausting their reserves and dissolving in accordance with IBM's instructions. However, the option to continue independent of IBM, and relinquishing the IBM Club identity, is being taken up by several clubs. Below is a list of local clubs that are believed to be continuing.

The domain and web hosting will expire in Spring 2024. Until then this web page will serve as a directory of those former IBM Clubs that are continuing in a different form. All of the above are invited to send the webmaster contact details and a message for prospective members. This page will be updated with information received.

The longevity of IBM Club was as much about the significant efforts of those that served on the committees of local clubs as it was about the IBM grant. If you are or were one of those volunteers, give yourself a pat on the back.