IBM's own liability insurance provides cover for IBM employees whilst they are engaged in IBM Club activities. However, it does not provide cover for retirees, or the families and guests of employees or retirees. The UK IBM Club purchases this cover from the grant provided each year by IBM, with each participating club contributing a proportion of the premium relative to its membership count. At present all UK IBM clubs, including retiree clubs, are covered by this policy, with the exception of Hursley which has its own insurance specifically suited to its status as a Registered Members Club.

Our insurers are currently Markel International, with the cover being arranged via brokers The Finch Group. You can view the certificate of insurance, confirmation of cover, schedule. the policy document, and employer's liability insurance certificate. Please note the active clauses in the confirmation of cover as this will save you a lot of reading if you wish to study the other documents in more detail.

This cover is designed to protect those organising or participating in IBM Club events from claims arising from such activities. It does not provide personal accident cover, or cover for loss or damage to property. It does not remove the need for individuals to understand and act on their own personal insurance needs.

In the event of a claim for a non-employee please contact Andy Smith in the first instance. For employee claims contact the UK IBM Club Oversight Manager. Contact details are on the Contacts page.