All current employees participating in the IBM Club are covered under the Global IBM Policy. The policy provides insurance cover up to a maximum of $5M.

Retirees and family members, as defined by the Constitution, are covered by a separate public liability insurance policy taken out on behalf of all Clubs (except Hursley) and funded from the IBM Club grant. Guests of club members are not covered by this policy. This policy also covers Club Officers acting on behalf of the Club as the responsibility for all Club activities ultimately rests with them. The policy provides liability insurance cover up to a maximum of £5M. In addition, IBM strongly recommends that where there is a third party event provider, the Club event organiser ensures that the provider has public liability insurance of £5M.

This cover is designed to protect those organising or participating in IBM Club events from liability claims arising from such activities. It does not provide personal accident cover, or cover for loss or damage to property. It does not remove the need for individuals to understand and act on their own personal insurance needs.

In the event of an incident, the affected Club is responsible for handling and reporting the incident to the relevant policy provider. The IBM Oversight Manager should also be notified. Contact details are on the Contacts page.

You can view the confirmation of cover to see the amount of cover provided for each of the active sections of the policy. If you need more detail you can also view the certificate of insurance, schedule, the policy document, and employer's liability insurance certificate. Our insurers are Markel International, with the cover being arranged via brokers The Finch Group.

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