You can find out how to join or leave IBM Club, or to change the local club to which you are affiliated, at this IBM Connections page. If you just want to check to see if you are an IBM Club member take a look at your last pay slip. If you are a member then there will be an entry for "IBM CLUB". If you have other membership related questions please send them to EmployeeClubMembership@uk.ibm.com.


To join or leave IBM Club, or to change the local club to which you are affiliated, please send an e-mail to RetireeClubMembership@uk.ibm.com. Please also use this e-mail address to notify any changes in contact details, in particular your e-mail address. If you benefit from an IBM defined benefit pension please also remember to inform the IBM Pensions Trust at pensions@uk.ibm.com.


Those who have left IBM after 15 or more years of continuous IBM service are able to become Associate Members on payment of an annual subscription, currently set at 25. Those with an an IBM defined benefit pension who subsequently begin drawing this pension become Retiree Members. Those who contributed to an IBM defined contribution pension can continuue as Associate Members in perpetuity. Associate member subscription payments are paid directly to the club with which the member affiliates, but their membership status is tracked centrally so that associate members can be included in the monthly UK IBM Club membership list.

To join or leave IBM Club, or to change the local club to which you are affiliated, please send an e-mail to RetireeClubMembership@uk.ibm.com, copying the local club with which you wish to affiliate. Once your eligibility has been confirmed you make payment directly to your local club, who in turn notify the IBM Club administrator when your subscription payment is received. Associate membership subscriptions fall due in January with those joining during the year paying 2 per remaining whole or part month. Subscription reminders will be sent out in January each year to those who have provided an e-mail address. Associate memberships not renewed by February will lapse and lapsed members removed from the monthly UK IBM Club membership list.


The various categories of IBM Club membership are defined in the constitution.

Choosing a club

All IBM Club members, whether they are still employed by IBM or are IBM retirees, have the right to choose with which local club they affiliate, whether that be one of the six retiree clubs, or a club associated with a current or historical IBM location.

Depending on where you live there may be more than one local club whose events you may wish to take part in. You may only affiliate with one local club, but clubs operate a policy whereby any member can apply for events run by any club. In making up your mind with which club to affiliate you should review the events of the candidate clubs and decide between them on the basis of which club's events you are most likely to attend. If your attendance pattern changes, or you move location, you can easily change your affiliation.