Local clubs

Each local club runs events for members. These events could be theatre trips, sports outings, meals out, or practically anything that is safe and legal! The local club receives a grant from IBM that is related to the number of members, and this is used to subsidise events. Employee members pay a small subscription and this goes to the local club with which they are afilliated. With the combination of the grant and the power of group purchasing many events will be on offer to members at less than half price.

Each local club has a committee with a chairman, secretary, treasurer and other committee members. They meet regularly, usually monthly, to discuss new event ideas and to keep track of the events that they are running. An annual general meeting will be held at which the activities and finances of the local club will be reported. The committee members for the coming year are elected at the AGM.

Some local clubs have enough members to support special interest subsections. These are allocated a grant by the local club committee and will be run on the same basis as the local club with a committee, and holding regular committee meetings and an AGM. Subsections usually charge a small subscription to join.

National Committee

Each local club is represented on the National Committee which meets by conference call when necessary. The National Committee is a forum for discussing new ideas for events and best practices for running IBM Club. It also acts as an interface between IBM Club and IBM. The National Committee also provides support to local club committees, in particular assisting with the submission of annual accounts.


An IBM manager fulfils the role of Oversight Manager, and has a small administrative staff who help to coordinate IBM Club activities nationally.


IBM Club is a great way to pursue the activities that you enjoy at advantageous prices. It is also a good way to meet other IBMers from different parts of the business, be they employed or retired. You are encouraged to join in and take part, and if your favourite activity is not catered for make a suggestion to your local club. Since IBM Club relies on volunteers to organise events please consider helping out in this way. You will be warmly welcomed and given every assistance and encouragement.

Why not find your local club now, or contact one of the administrative staff if you have any questions.